Horsh Tabet Residence Interior






Interior Design


Sin El Fil, Lebanon


The initial inspiration for this living room was drawn from the urban charm of Beirut, seamlessly combining modern aesthetics with warmth and intimacy. The room layout emphasizes an open flow, encouraging conversation and interaction among guests. A central seating area, featuring plush sofas and chairs, sets the tone for a cosy atmosphere. Neutral tones are predominantly used, punctuated by pops of colour and texture, to balance modernity with comfort. Wood and natural materials make a strong appearance, grounding the space and creating a tactile experience. Strategically placed lighting, including pendant lights and floor lamps, accentuates main design elements while providing a warm, inviting glow. The TV unit, sleek and functional, becomes a focal point without overpowering the room’s design. The bar has an elevated seating and a panoramic city views, it offers a perfect spot for both relaxation and entertainment. Green plants infusing the space with life and a touch of nature. Textured fabrics and rugs add layers of depth and interest, inviting occupants to relax and feel at home. Art pieces and decorative objects, carefully curated, tell a story and add personal touches to the space.

Large windows ensure ample natural light during the day, while also offering breathtaking views of Beirut at night. Every piece of furniture and accessory has been chosen with care, ensuring a harmonious blend of style, function, and comfort. Ultimately, the design captures the essence of a modern Beirut living experience a space that’s both sophisticated and welcoming, perfect for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations.

AG - RadiantGloom - Interior Design Project - Living Room - HT
AG - RadiantGloom - Interior Design Project - Living Room- HT
AG - RadiantGloom - Interior Design Project - Bar - HT
AG - RadiantGloom - Dining Room- HT